Collaboration rewarded

Buyers influence and control markets – and our platform offers real rewards to users who participate and collaborate within the marketplace.

Features for users

The Community tab (in the Mobile Loyalty App) – allows users to write reviews, enter ratings, create video streams, share product information and make recommendations for community consumption.

The Merchants tab (in the Mobile Loyalty App) allows users to update information used by merchants to send special offers and promotions directly to users who have shown an interest.

The Rewards tab (in the Mobile Loyalty App) allows users to see a breakdown of the rewards that have been earned, and what they can do to earn more.

The Wallet tab (in the Mobile Loyalty App) allows the user to see the total reward earned (UBIQ tokens) with an exchange function which allows the user to buy, sell or trade with other users or merchants.

Benefits for users

Users can use regular currency or reward (UBIQ token) to pay for merchant products or services.

Users can immediately see ratings and read reviews made by other users.

Users can opt-in to targeted marketing by merchants (based on preferences set by the user) and earn great rewards for doing so.

Users can locate special offers and other products nearby, using geofencing and GPS location on mobile devices.

Users can view streaming merchant adverts or other user reviews to earn additional rewards.

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