Loyalty Program

Loyalty rewarded

The next big step in customer loyalty and consumer confidence is here. Our amazing Loyalty Program is set to become the benchmark for trading platforms for years to come.

How the program works

The Loyalty Program joins together traditional loyalty schemes with high-end technology to create a perfect platform for both customers and merchants.

Customers (or users) earn loyalty rewards for purchasing (as they would with any other loyalty platform) but they also earn rewards for other activities – such as rating products, or creating a video reviews. This creates an incentive for users to continually add value and improve the platform for other users.

Merchants can reward users who allow them to access personal data preferences, so users can be targeted with suitable ads and special offers. This is a very powerful tool when used in conjunction with geofencing technology – allow Merchants to provide an augmented reality shopping experience.

Massive rewards for everyone

We believe that users and merchants essentially want the same things – an effortless experience where we can achieve everything we want, at the right price, and without otherwise avoidable fuss.

Our Loyalty Program is a platform designed to grow and flourish for many years, if not decades to come. It offers real incentives to both users and merchants alike, and we like to think that creating communities driven by mutual benefit, is key to future trade and consumerism.

Through a combination of cutting-edge technologies, an appreciation of consumer trends, and a deep understanding of marketing behaviours – our loyalty platform and the benefits it brings, is the next logical progression towards that utopian vision.

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