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UBIQWIFI is a provider of Smart City solutions where technology is used to improve governance, planning, management, and livability of a city by gathering real-world, real-time data.

Driven by disruptive technologies that will shape the future of humanity, UBIQWIFI operates under several revenue models starting with the Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model. UBIQWIFI utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence along with Open Ledger encryption to establish predictive outcomes that result in safer communities, increased commerce, and healthier individuals.


UBIQWIFI introduces a solution inter-connecting all the components of your city and allowing intuitive multi-directional communication between citizens, merchants, and public administration. Thanks to the integration with the city back-office through UBIQWIFI’s GEO Web Services, intelligent management becomes intuitive and natural, citizen participation becomes instantaneous, and incident reporting becomes immediate.

Real Time, Real Place

UBIQWIFI is the ideal answer for how cities can communicate simply and effectively with citizens and tourists alike. Exhibitions, concerts, events, commercial showcase: UBIQWIFI apps are the perfect audio-guides to help everyone discover - in real time, real place - all their city has to offer them.

Mobile App And Associated Services Proposal

Thanks to our innovative technology, information is no longer sought: it discovers you, at the right time, in the right place. Trust the best professionals in the sector and enjoy our up-to-date maintenance services which will keep your Smart City ecosystem always available - an ecosystem where users will enjoy and choose the features that best fit their tastes and needs.

Smart Lighting

  • Next-Generation, Intelligent Wireless Solutions That Run on Existing Lighting Infrastructure and Provide Public Wi-Fi and 5G Connectivity Throughout Community
  • Reduces Energy Use by 70% Without Compromising Lighting Quality
  • Better Visibility to Deter Crime
  • Enables Smart Parking (locate available parking spots) and Autonomous Vehicle Tracking

Renewable Energy Production and Energy Reduction

Another objective of UBIQWIFI’s smart cities is to achieve a zero-carbon footprint. That is why UBIQWIFI uses a 3-prong approach: the first is energy management controls, the second is reduction of power consumption, and the third being renewable energy sources.