Proudly introducing our UBIQ Loyalty Program

Supported by our advanced technology and a vast network of commercial partnerships – our unique UBIQ Loyalty Program means users and merchants can earn massive rewards.

Game-Changing Opportunities

A loyalty program which rewards users whenever they add value – not only when they make a purchase.

Powered by specifically developed platforms which harness the latest tech – including blockchains and geofencing.

Can be configured as a white-label solution – allowing merchants to deploy enclosed and protected systems.

Rewarding Users

Through specially built apps and based on preferences, users can opt-in to receive local merchant offers, create written reviews, share product recommendations and much much more.

Rewards are given to users for the services they provide. Making a purchase is the primary reward generator, but any activity that adds value to the platform, such as writing a review, also offers a reward.

User rewards can be redeemed at participating merchants, or can be freely sold to other users and merchants. The loyalty program and the platform it is built on is as flexible as it is powerful.

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Retail App

Rewarding Merchants

Participating merchants can be offered a level of exclusivity within their region, and are therefore guaranteed customer loyalty – whether that is for cash purchases or reward redemptions.

Merchants can lease an exclusive white-label version of the platform which can be configured to provide a totally unique loyalty solution for their customers.

Merchants can view extended reports and analytical data at an online portal, allowing them to track purchases, reviews, rewards and much much more.

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